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Retail-Tech Landscape: Online Shopper Convenience

Ensuring convenient and seamless e-commerce experiences is indispensable for retailers to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive retail environment. We present selected startups globally whose technology solutions support retailers in online shopper convenience.

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Retail Tech Landscape: In-Store Shopper Convenience

Convenience is imperative in today’s increasingly omnichannel retail environment and retailers should focus on removing friction points and giving shoppers more control across their purchase journeys. We present selected startups globally offering innovative solutions for in-store shopper convenience.

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US Back to School 2022: Top Categories and Apparel Brands

Continuing our US Back to School 2022 series, we analyze the categories and clothing, accessories and footwear brands that US consumers look set to shop this season. We identify spending expectations across multiple product categories by school level and income group, leveraging findings from a proprietary survey of US consumers.

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